Keeping in Touch with your Loved Ones

In only a few weeks, we’ve become familiar with the term social distancing as it relates to the coronavirus. It’s important to do our part in minimizing the spread of illness. Keep hands clean, avoiding touching our eyes, nose and mouth, and stay home in self-quarantine when sick.

Because the coronavirus is particularly dangerous for vulnerable, older adults, we have instituted a strict No Visitors policy. We are also adhering to the Social Distancing Guidelines as mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

Social Distancing Guidelines
for Nursing Homes
What Our Facility is Doing
Reduce large gatherings such as group social events

All social events and activities have been eliminated

All our residents’ meals are served in their rooms

Have residents stay in facility and limit exposure to the general community Residents are limited in their movement around the facility. If they must leave their rooms, they wear a facemask and perform hand hygiene
Limit programs with external staff Non-clinical staff is not permitted in the facility.
Limit visitors All visitors are prohibited from entering, except in end-of-life situations
Implement screening All outside vendors and third-party caregivers are screened for illness, fever, and respiratory symptoms, travel history and contact with others


With that said, we understand that it’s difficult to be separated from your family members and loved ones.

Here is a list of 7 great ways you can stay in touch and brighten your loved one’s day.

  1. Pick up the phone. Call room phones and cell phones to remain in contact on a regular basis. There’s nothing like the sound of a voice to bring comfort.
  2. If possible, Skype, FaceTime or use other forms of visual communication to hear and see one another. Make sure to include grandkids, family members, and close friends in calls.
  3. Send a text for a quick check in or send an emoji-filled cheery hello.
  4. Send a good old-fashioned card or letter. Handwritten notes, cards, and even crayon drawings are always appreciated.
  5. Order a book, movie, game or anything else online and surprise your family member with a way to help them occupy some time.
  6. Flowers and plants with a thoughtful note add color and brighten up our residents’ rooms and hearts.
  7. We also welcome your kind thoughts in the form of comments on our Facebook page.